Employee of the month

Employee of the month

Dr. Shoval was awarded Housestaff of the month (May 2013) at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Shoval was a resident in the Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia.

Picture of Dr. Shoval

I had the pleasure of working with Aura during her first month as a resident on our inpatient rehabilitation unit on 8GN. She did an exceptional job overall working with the staff and multidisciplinary team and providing exceptional patient care. One specific incident comes to mind…We had a patient on the rehab unit who unfortunately had a cardiopulmonary arrest. During the code, Aura was present, providing excellent care for the patient, assisting the code team, and providing them with pertinent information. During the code, she communicated with the family, updating them of the events and providing emotional support. Unfortunately, the patient expired. But, even after the situation, Aura’s follow up with the family, concern for the other team members, and her ability to reflect back upon the events to figure out exactly what happened was beyond the typical call of duty. In her interactions with her patients, faculty, and staff, Aura has a great demeanor and really embodies the We Put Patients First attitude.
Dr. Lyssa Sorkin

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